Reloading the sniper

Yes, after devlog 23 we saw the new animations in the reloading of weapons, the most impressive was the sniper where magically a magazine flies to your hand, I think the unturned II should keep these animations more silly, but I think this specific type is Strange, I think that when we throw the empty magazine in the backpack, the character must take the magazine in his pocket, throw it up so the magazine falls into his hand, after catching it reload the gun.

I do love myself a word salad. I myself would prefer that animation to not stay in the final game, but some users have suggested it be a rare variant which could be cool, with about a 0.1% chance to make it uncommon.


This will probably never be implemented but if there was skins in the game, I think rare skins having a custom reload animation would be pretty neat. Maybe being able to buy custom reload animations that you can apply on guns in the future, instead of having skins?

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I’m all for rare and secret reloads, maybe a bit of mag spinning, using the empty magazine to tap the bolt release, and more spinning. Definitely spinning.

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Bruh you can’t just say something is balanced just because it’s rare

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