Remote Systems

How in unturned II have eletrical systems my idea is a type of control than can syncronize with a interruptor at distancy.

  • Add a Remote Interruptor.
  • Add a Remote Control.

the remote control go work like a button you place in your hand and press to change the interruptor another key to change code.

To syncronize the remote control with the interruptor when you press in interruptor go appear places to place digits and get a nickname from de code for example

, same thing in interruptor i made accounts and with

1 digit possible (DP) = 10 Possible Combinations (Just with Numbers)
2 DP = 100
3 DP = 1000 and here go

i imagine a thing with 6 or more digits possibles with numbers and letters are (24² x 10) x 6 = 34560 possibilities
If you add upper and lowercase letters this combination get 829440 Possibilities

Go be possible place many codes in the same control and rename this codes, go be possible copy this codes and pass for another control if you die with this control the control reset to no is possible see the codes of another control.

Well is this

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For this to be useful there would have to be a lot more… stuff in the game. I assume you have taken this from rust, which is a very different game from unturned and with an actual team of devs. This idea is very unnecessary and hard to accomplish especially for a game like this.

Now don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t mind this at all in UII, but i don’t think it’s really possible.

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