Remove the ability to turn of grass

in 3.0 it was impossible to hide in the grass (I know it dosn’t hide you 100%) because most players had it turned off.
For people with slow computer it could be added an option to lower the texture resolution of the grass


Minimum graphics settings have been suggested several times, I don’t see this post adding anything that hasn’t already been discussed


I have to side with @peterptron on this one.

Even for grass specifically, if I had a penny for every “force a minimum grass setting” post or comment that I’ve seen, both on this forum as well as others, I would be able to buy myself an overpriced Unturned mythical on the Steam market.


I can change the density of the grass in the config files of the game have Unreal Engine 4

I’m sure the game will be optimized so that even an alright amount of grass won’t affect FPS as much as 3.x

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