Remove the forum button that links to this site

Seriously. The steam forums are the place for the 10 year olds to make terrible posts. I’d like for this forum to have at least some respectable posts/members.


I see the point of the button is the bring in more people, but at this point more people from Steam will flood this forum with idiocy and dumb posts.
I really wish that the button could stay, but the majority of the community is incredibly cancerous and it hurts seeing all that being spewed onto these forums.


It makes sense for official sites to be listed publicly. It shouldn’t be a super-cool secret society, especially since the forum allows for easily reaching out to other people in ways the Steam forum sometimes can’t.

That applies to individual players, whole communities, and SDG itself. If people are not contributing properly, or well, and cannot reasonably “improve” based on useful community responses, then they will typically leave the site because they may feel out-of-place. While not the optimal solution to “ridding the forum” of low-quality contributors, it is a natural “solution.”

TL;DR: People you dislike for being boring with their post content will leave willingly to find somewhere else they feel less out-of-place. With a “Forum” button, the forum can stay alive with a constant flow of users and thoughts, all at the cost of some occasional lower-quality things popping up here and there.

We wouldn’t want to farther disconnect the community by splitting it up even more. There’s groups in this community that hate each other (for reasons beyond my knowledge) despite being about the same thing.


I agree with Molton. More activity for the forum is good but we have to keep it mature.


I guess, as long as there’s active mods and bad posts are being removed, with obvious trollers/spammers being banned, there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with the button staying.

Still, I kind of liked it before, where only the modders and mature users really had access to the forums, as the reddit was more of an in-between place where more general users went to.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, as more people figure out the button is there.

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Like in Steam forum, I believe that most of the new users are usually one-timer visitors (basically leave a post and don’t look back). In other words they’re the most likely to leave and not post the same crap again. It may kinda clutter the place but I’m sure that we can cope with people we find as an inconvenience. There is a chance that we may get a willing user who would be ‘Alright’ to a lot of you.

As said, with some decent moderation and continued onslaught on these people this forum will be fine.


Well honestly I expected WAY more new members since the addition of the forum button but apparently not that much persons joined because of it, we already were around 150 members before the addition of that button and almost all the posts are interesting, so far the forum is going well in my opinion.