Rename the 1911 to Oakbear

Please Nelson, I can’t stand the new name of the Colt. It should be changed because it doesn’t correspond to the naming scheme of the other weapons. Oakbear was its 3.0 early beta name, so it could be changed to that.

Optionally PDW could be changed as well.

Not that important, but just a small change to the game (and trigger people :griefer:)


Call it the Whitefeather if you’re not going to implement the original Whitefeather. >:/


Change it back to the honeybadger >:(
Not a lot of people call it the “PDW”, most use “honey” or “badger” (from my experience)


I just call it a honeybadger, so do most other people from my experience. I don’t know why Nelson went with “PDW” and “1911”. It doesn’t really fit with the other gun names

I’d assume he hastily chose them while performing the sweep through item and vehicle names to further prevent any possibilities for copyright infringement on his part.

Personally, I’d like to see the 1911 and PDW renamed to Oakbear and Whitefeather, since Honeybadger obviously refers to the name of the real gun which could be disputed along the lines of trademark.


I propose we change the PDW to just simply the Badger. They can’t trademark that.

1911 : OakBear
PDW : Leadspitter

Here are my 2 personal suggestions

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Make a poll

  • 1911
  • Oakbear
  • Slabsides
  • Molt
  • – Null option – (Accidentally voted)

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  • PDW
  • Whitefeather
  • Leadspitter
  • Badger
  • – Null option – (Accidentally voted)

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“Slabsides” or “Old Slabsides” is a nickname given to the M1911.

imo “Badger” is a good option for staying closer to the beloved original name, but I’m still for Whitefeather all-the-way.


I like how you suggested your mini nickname for the colt


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