Replace Revolver's barrel

I think this would give a greater customization giving more options to the types of players.

Revolver Short Pipe

Found in Weapon Stores increases Revolver’s serve agility and decreases recoil, decreases 80% chance of penetration and 20% damage, less inventory space required (although you do not know how to decrease 4 slots)Decreases effective distance.

Revolver Long Barrel

Found in weapons stores, Alimento Damio and effective distance requires more inventory space 35% chance of penetration, greater recoil and less agility.


Wouldn’t the extra weight of a long barrel reduce recoil?

what is with you and revolver’s
I mean yee haw partner’ i cant disagree more i like a revolver as well as

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yes, kaiser. yes it would.

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Yes the same thing would apply to suppressors on semi auto pistols more weight in the front would equal less muzzle rise.

Okay personally I think the stats are kind of confusing so let me whip up some general stats for the two:

Default Revolver
E.G. would be the S&2 M27 and the Colt Diamondback.

  • Default long barrel.
  • Long range.
  • Fairly accurate
  • Deals moderate dmg.
  • Decent recoil.
  • The only weapon that has a 25% chance to knock a player’s hat off (both cosmetic and in-game items). please add this

Snub-Nosed Revolver
E.G. would be the S&2 M442 and the Ruger LCR-22.

  • Short-medium range.
  • Highly inaccurate at longer ranges.
  • Dmg fall-off.
    • (longer ranges = almost 0 dmg, medium ranges = short dmg, closer ranges = moderate dmg).
  • Faster deploy & holster time than the Default Revolver.
  • Takes up less space than the Default Revolver.
  • Slightly more recoil than the Default Revolver.
  • Generally deals less dmg than the Default Revolver.

Edit: I forgot heavier/longer-barreled revolvers have less recoil than snub-nosed ones. My bad.

the snub nose having less recoil then the regular revolver still makes no sense.


Well a .22lr snub nose revolver would have less recoil but a .38 special and a .45 caliber snub nose would have way more recoil.

the topic implies it’s the same gun, just with different barrel sizes, so this rationalization does not apply.


I’m saying there should be more variety in revolvers with different calibers and depending on the length of the barrel and the caliber the revolver is chambered in. It should play a factor in the recoil and the handling.

well obviously, but who the hell’s arguing against that?

I made a post about gun modifications, this is somewhat like what i ment.
I like the idea. Long barrel looks cool.

Well, I feel that the revolver is categorized in the game as a type of pistol since what you are going to do with the 2 is basically the same thing, although the revolves are a class of different one-handed guns.

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