Replanting trees

I’ve thought of the fact that someone can remove all trees on the map to troll everyone.

Maybe there needs to be a game mechanic that replants seeds that aren’t being picked up in a couple minutes time.

But then you need to find a way to not let them abuse this mechanic, because then they could pick it up, and drop it so it doesn’t plant itself.


Maybe an npc could sell seeds for a low price


Even better, maybe seeds would spawn in bulks in botanic stores?


Both of your ideas are also a great suggestion really.

I remember Nelson brought this up in an interview and talked about seeds being in gardening stores and such. The shop idea is good as well. I feel like as well players might be a little more conscious when chopping trees and replant the seeds so they don’t run out later. The tree seeds replanting as well would be a nice feature, and if players don’t want trees near there base they can pick up the seeds and just save them for later.

And about chopping all the trees down I feel might be harder than in 3.0, as there as so many more trees now.


Don’t forget that there’s plenty of dedicated people that try to ruin your experience.

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Just think of playing through a game of Terraria or Minecraft, it’s very easy to replant trees but some people just don’t bother. After a while you can end up with very few trees at all in an area.

Ideally I’d like forest regeneration to not just be from manual planting, if an area has no active structures nearby, trees will very slowly regenerate naturally.

Something else that would be nice is for trees to have growth stages more detailed than the ones in 3.0. In early stages when the tree is still very small, you should be able to run it over easily with little to no damage to your vehicle.


Starting with nothing, to little scratches, to getting bumps, to actually breaking stuff off yeah lmao

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Damm, this is a really good point


I don’t know, maybe some kind of mechanic could be implemented, that could be called “world regrowth”, for example?
Too much realism would harm the fun part of the game, so there could probably be tree seeds/saplings slowly spawning in random places (random, but where certain conditions are met, no trees spawning inside the buildings), naturally, in order to prevent players from making trees go extinct.

On the side note, I think that there should be something done to the game in order to filter out all these toxic kids and griefers.


They are a important part of the game. No need to filter

It’s also not possible to filter people out lol

How did Team Fortress 2 manage to get a community not saturated with toxic noob kiddies then? I think that’s because of how unforgiving the game is at first.

There is toxicity in every community. TF2 definitely isn’t an exception. Not to hate on TF2 at all – I’ve played since 2011 and it’s one of the most relevant games to me – but it definitely still has toxicity. This is both before and after the last major content update.

None of that is relevant to the original discussion, however.


I am very aware that I might have derailed the thread a bit, but the main part of my post was a suggestion of a mechanic that would slowly, naturally respawn trees in case somebody tried to ruin the in-game ecosystem, as this is the part of the game where realism would harm the potential fun for other people.

The bottom part of the post was a small side note that implies that there are people that would abuse mechanics and ruin fun for others on purpose, and seeing the state of the current game, I can tell that presence of this kind of people would not be beneficial for the game at all.
If my small comment was seen as a potential violation of the community guidelines, I will try my best not to commit mistakes of this kind any further.

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