Resetting NPC Quests

Is it possible for a NPC to reset its quest after the player completed that quest so he/she can do it again?
If so, what’s the coding for that? I searched everywhere and I asked everybody I know that works with NPCs, but even they don’t know.

I’m assuming you want to have some sort of simple, infinitely repeatable quest, with an uncomplicated goal related to getting one or two items. It’d be easier just do it through dialogue than to do it through quests; you can set a basic fetch quest up like this:

Response_0_Conditions 1
Response_0_Condition_0_Type Item
Response_0_Condition_0_ID 67
Response_0_Condition_0_Amount 5
Response_0_Rewards 1
Response_0_Reward_0_Type Item
Response_0_Reward_0_ID 340
Response_0_Reward_0_Amount 1

This is a dialogue option that requires five pieces of scrap to be used; when clicked on, it consumes the five pieces of scrap, and gives the player a tomato. This quest never expires, and can be used infinitely.


France scrap quests do this, but I can’t get to that code right away.

It is very much possible.

Carpat PC Quest

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