Resources and materials

So sinc 4.0 is going to have more survival features and crafting mechanics it would be nice with many diffrent ways and options of getting the resources and materials that you need.

note: im only giving a couple of examples on diffrent resources and how to get them so feel free to suggest stuff and ideas of your own

Raw materials in the nature nature

Resources on the forest floor

materials and items that are easy to harvest and can just be
picked up by hand (using tools could make harvesting faster)

Crafting materials

  • small rocks (small chanse of containing metal)
  • sticks
  • grass and plant fiber
  • Leaves

Food and Medical

  • Mushrooms
  • Berries
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Wild vegetables e.g wild carrots and onions

These materials could be used in the early game e.g make a campfire from some
sticks and cook some mushrooms on the fire or a small shelter of sticks and leaves

Resource objekts and spots

it will take time to harvest and requiers tools
and machines


  • Trees
  • Big rocks (some could contain metal)
  • Bolders (same as above)
  • Metal ore pockets
  • Soil piles
  • Sand piles
  • Clay piles

A faster and more efficient way of getting materials later in the game whan
you got your hands on some tools or even machines
(the rocks and bolders could respawn like trees, but if you have any other ideas
pls tell)

Resources made by humans

By looting resources and materia e.g from a factory or a store you could gett access to stuff that
you dont have access to or cant produce yourself at the time


  • Raw metal and
    metal products
  • Wood and
    wooden products
  • Bricks
  • Raw plastic and
    plastic products
  • Oil
  • Rubber

Wooden planks could spawn on e.g big raks in a factory that makes wooden products and bricks on stacks outside of a brick factory.

I wannt to point out that there are most likely better ways of getting e.g sand or soil then from piles but sinc we dont know if 4.0 is going to feature mining and digging up the ground so im going to put piles as an idea for now


I think everything but the piles sound amazing, though I’m worried that we would have a RUST wipe day for some resources like rocks which does not make for a relaxed game

i think this idea is really good for an more detailed survival game. i’m just not sure if unturned is really known for its insane detail to survival. i think unturned is a little bit of an more relaxed game. not saying i wouldn’t enjoy a more detailed game, i would love a more detailed game. it just doesn’t seem like that game to me

And concrete, concrete should replace “metal” structure, and metal structure should become “scrap metal” structure instead. Also a reinforced version of every structure would be nice.

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