Retractable Knife

It’s basically the butterfly knife that would get a “safety catch” when your blade is retracted.

So a switchblade.


Anta baka?

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So you’re saying that unfolding a knife should be done by the same key that changes the firemode and engages and disengages the safety of firearms?
For the most part I’d just want unfolding to automatically be done as part of the animation for the drawstroke, but I guess if there was actually a reason to switch through the tools on your Swiss army knife then having those be firemodes would make sense.


Id just like to point out how much I want that.
Depending on what time unturned 2 is set
Flipphoes that flip.
Honestly I just like animations

Delete the entire phone.

I’m highly sure knives will be added at some point in the game, with retractable blades like the butterfly knife being known to be found in militia/‘bandit’ locations. Other than being unique for inventory space optimization, I don’t see the point of this post. Sure the safe catch may be ‘Interesting’ but I doubt it will be more than just an aspect of the equip/inspect animation



not Gurren Laggan or Transformers

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Also retractable knifes will probably happen anyways so idk

Gurren Laggan

Still made by Gainax, same animators as Evangelion, so shut fucc

Did I stumble into some weeb forum? How do I get back to Unturned?


Not the same anime though so commit die

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Wait… was Evangelion the show that people wanted a fucking spear on the moon?

Cause good christ if were talking about this, i have an argument to make

Yes also let’s stay on topic please

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Anime is a form of art.

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Anime is a form of hell and agony

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Anime is a form of agony in art. The fact that by using art to destroy people and make fucked up shit makes it even better

except when someone keeps memeing the same anime when literally 2 people on the discord watched it lmao