Returning to Unturned 3.0

Me and the boys after years of not playing all hopped into a vanilla Germany server, partly out of absolute boredom and partly out of nostalgia. We didn’t feel like dealing with a fuck ton of folks so we joined a server with a low player count.

And I’ve got to say, playing this game again with a group of friends after so many years was honestly really fun. We made so much progress in just one day and it was super satisfying. Already we’re constructing a metal base, we got super lucky and found raiding gear, nabbed two airdrops from a 3 man group, and we’ve got a plane and 3 cars already. And sure, this was on a half of the time empty easy server, but in the moment none of us really cared. And when a 4 man and a few other 2 man groups were on, that made it actually enjoyable. I think the best moment was recruiting two randoms to be our “scrap monkeys” and they actually went out and got scrap for us, so we rewarded them with some food and a gun (totally won’t backfire on us).

All of this aside, I’m curious to know if anyone else is going through this right now - are you rediscovering the fun that can be had in this game? What’s it been like for you?


I did have a short phase and returned to unturned however this post is kinda ironic because i just deleted unturned yesterday to free up space on my PC
that phase didn’t last incredibly long but it was fun

Last summer a group of us from a PvE server jumped together on a Russia server, in about two days we had a mostly metal base set up because we were making metal runs to the quarry every half an hour or so.

We had a stash built under one of the floors (the old roof in the middle of floors trick), and some overzealous admin found out about it and decided that there was no possible way we could have gotten a metal base and a wall of guns in two days and wiped our base off the map.

I haven’t played seriously since.

I will pour my entire life into unturned if I ever find a server like this

germany :nauseated_face:


Very sad to be honest

The server I used to play on was called TacticalNetwork PvE

oh my god i’m CYOOOMING

i played on a vanilla russia server, but I got bored and stopped

i’m working on a little map project with some custom buildings and stuff, but not that frequently

im playing arena servers again

Funnily enough all the good arena players I’ve met become much more easy to kill when the arena is first person only with no HUD.

Also, crossbow with explosive bolts is actually a viable weapon on a server like that.

i’m only on to use the map editor
other than that i barely play survival

I’ve been getting bored of 3.0 in recent weeks, if I am to be honest. I literally built a massive tunnel system base that had exits all over france and was overpowered as hell for pvp because i could just climb out like a viet cong. Miss these days RIP ho chi minh trail best underground base/tunnel system of all time

I remember playing on a vanilla server with map France, that was fun, but for now, this map is almost completely abandoned and this is quite sad.

i remember playing unturned

The only time I played such a normal survival, without mods or weirdos, it was a few years ago with my friends. We played on the map of Russia, maybe for a month. This is my favorite map so far. If UII comes out, we will definitely resume our adventures.

My cleaning program uninstalled Unturned and somehow I didn’t realize it
Now I have to deal with a 1.87TB drive that’s full of games that I’m too much of a lazy bastard to delete