Reverse camera for some vehicles

I think this is kinda self explanatory but what would you guys think of reverse camera for some vehicles ( presumably the latest one of course ) .

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I did not understand. Is it a rearview mirror?

Do you mean a quick-change kind of deal where you can swap views with a single key?

I believe he is referring to the rearview camera that newer generation civilian cars use when backing up.

That being said I don’t know how I feel about this, since having a second camera to render is always tricky on performance.


maybe only on while in vehicle could help that, like even if the car is on the screen wont work unless you are in the vehicle

I don’t think it’s necessary because you can go in third person and just look behind you and it doesn’t really does much because nobody (not much) will try to park his car perfectly in reverse in a zombie apocalypse survival game.

The only possible use I can see for this is a first-person RP server.

So yeah, not too sold on gameplay value versus cost of work and performance.

I don’t really care about vehicles…I do all my missions on foot

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