Revisiting Belgium 4 years later, and an announcement

Heya, Flodo here! I’m not particularly known, but I’m mostly known for totally creating the Belgium curated map and Evil Elver 32.

I haven’t played the game since 2004, but I still sticked with the community (not at all), and after checking out Washington and PEI, I’ve decided to revisit The Belgium map, four years after it’s original release.

The map was originally approved for curation as a timed curated map, this meant that it would go to the workshop as soon as the 3-Month period was over. The map was released and uploaded to the workshop after that, but then it got BLASTED TO THE SHADOW REALM!!! WTH!!! :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr:

Belgium :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr:

The :belgium_ebr: was absolute, sporting a Russia-like progression (basic loot north, good loot south), reused Russia assets (i.e. the military base is just volk :belgium_ebr:), russia, no herstal at the herstal factory, not enough belgium content (not belgium) , beligum, belgium, no lil ebr npc (sucks), :belgium_ebr: pei materials (devkit fail), belguim, and wasn’t elver 2 arid curated gameplay best base raid video (russia gameplay = lame). in short it’s a

uhhhhhhh therefre map mabbd bad bad :belgium_ebr: map map map bad there fore needs rework soooo

And that’s precisely why the Flodo team and I have decided to rework the map entirely, going from assets to the map itself, and a netherlands DLC!

This will be the first and last major update the map will have, so we’re hoping you can give the map another chance once the update is out. This might not be as exciting as the announcement of a new curated map, but we really hope it makes it much more enjoyable than what the original BELGIUM offers. after all , it IS A BELGIUM!!! :belgium_ebr:

We’re not sure when it’ll be released, but we expect it to be ready by the end of 2019.

And with that I’d like to sign off, thanks you for reading this :belgium_ebr:, and have a nice :belgium_ebr: or night! :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr: :belgium_ebr:

  • Flodood ebr ebr lfodolfo

in case it’s not obvious, get april fools’d

there is no belgium remake getting worked on and this post is more of a dig at myself for a stupid ass post I made in the past announcing the rio rework (shouldn’t have) than attacking belgium, don’t get that idea lol

uhh idk what else to say, :belgium_ebr:

have a good day lol


Is iit survival based


when new map that is survival based hm?

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is this going to be in official like elver 2

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