Reward Conditions Suggestion

I think the title is very self-explanatory, but I’ll give an example:
Let’s say I want to create an interactable object that always gives a maplestrike, and 100 rep but only if the player has exp > 50. I would have to create 2 separate objects with different rewards, and choose which one to show depending on the player’s experience. But if we had conditions in rewards, we could make that in a much simpler way:

Interactability Quest
Interactability_Rewards 2
Interactability_Reward_0_Type Item
Interactability_Reward_0_ID 363
Interactability_Reward_0_Amount 1

Interactability_Reward_1_Type Reputation
Interactability_Reward_1_Value 100
Interactability_Reward_1_Conditions 1
Interactability_Reward_1_Condition_0_Type Experience
Interactability_Reward_1_Condition_0_Logic Greater_Than
Interactability_Reward_1_Condition_0_Value 50

Of course this is not a real scenario, ideally we would want to use these conditions with flags instead of experience.

I’ve checked the game’s code for reading rewards and also tested it in game (obviously didn’t do anything). If I’m big dummy and I missed something, please let me know.

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