RewardsListGranter Mod Hook

I think it would be very useful to have a mod hook instigator that can grant reward lists. Right now, if I want to make a collision event hook that changes a player’s flag on leaving, I would have to use a Server Text Messenger, which needs to be manually enabled in the case that mod is being used on a server.
However, this suggested mod hook could easily solve the problem by requiring no additional setup. Example usage:

Please leave your comments/support for this feature.


Agreed. Being able to invoke npc events from Unity would be extremely powerful.

Edit: your specific use case would be bugged due to how the collision event hook works, since on leave is not triggered by death or disconnect. So depending on what the condition granted is, a player could always have the condition if they just die inside the volume.


Thanks for pointing that out, I just tested it and that seems to be the case. It would be nice if Nelson fixed that as well.


Welp, that’s frustrating

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