Rework, Remaster or Remake an old map?

Hello everyone
it’s been few years, almost a half decade since i was last time there

Recently been replaying the game, with the escalation update and the server code update (no need to port forwarding :smile: )
both have which made me interested to the game again (as well my cousins finally try the game, after years of trying to get them in)

As currently am hosting 2 servers on a Linux machine (one survival and the other is arena as of writing this); i tried to host the map; unfortunately: it just keeps kicking you out for missing content, the thing is; i don’t fully remember if i did list all the needed content correctly

this version of the map, there is an older one, but haven’t tested it out on the server

the last time i was here; i had released the map; sefish arena (i don’t remember why i did name)
i had another map, that i worked till just before covid i think it was (i had some pics online, asking for a name at the time)
but that it was lost when windows wasn’t booting after a rig upgrade
there was also few objects made for a map jam, i have lost the backups to it sadly; only photos online of them around

the map was made during the summer time, i do remember a little of it’s development
somewhere in 2018, after the Greece style looking map; the second one i think, made by danaby2
The development of this one started

My English was (and kinda still little is) broken; like i do remember actually not really understanding other people conservative criticism of the map at time (as well responding negatively at the time)
But since; i went away with learning blender at that time; as well moving into unreal engine (for insurgency ss modding alpha)

Now i can fully understand the fallbacks of the map, pointed-out by danaby2 at the time
I ain’t sure, should i go with full remake, with base custom objects (to hopefully make playable for many years to come, as well i do understand blender well; just i have fully lost the steps to port it to unity then unturned) or simple fix the bug of missing content and leave to that?

The design of it does look weird tbh, looking at it now; It was the first really completed that i had launched, but there was a different (but same idea) map using a bunker out of Greece assets, it looked like a circle; that lead me then to use the Germany map bunker

Then also since this is a post of fixing something from the past

i think it’s right to share some of the notes i had written at the time (most ideas never really went far away)

They might benefit someone else, if it ain’t me; if it does to someone else, then it’s worth it for me to share them online
Also thanks to everyone feedback, even the negative one back then

Have a nice day/night everyone


I tried hosting the map on my own server, and I didn’t have an issue joining. :slight_smile:

If you’re not familiar with server hosting, check out our official documentation.

In your Commands.dat, you should have Map Sefish Arena V 1.2. This will set the server to your map, if it’s installed.

In your WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file, you should have the following:

  "File_IDs": [

This will automatically install your map and all dependencies required for it. If you’re using the other array called Ignore_Children_File_IDs, it won’t install the required dependencies.

You may consider going through and revising it anyways, or adding custom content, or just using newer features that didn’t exist when you made the map – but the map seems to work fine. I didn’t see any missing assets, at least.


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