RFC: Brass Knuckles

I personally see no reason why they couldn’t count as a standard weapon regardless of how they are used.

I didn’t think about the current gloves item providing for both hands instead of just one earlier. Maybe there could be an alternative way to work with items equipped in your hands.


Item slots currently work like this, one item for your left hand, one for your right. What if it’s turned into something where you can have multiple items in one slot? Assuming that the look of the inventory will change in the future anyway, there could be a small tab when you have two items placed in the same slot, like a single weighted glove and a pistol.

The tab would essentially just be the name of the item, with the same color as the item’s rarity. Dragging it or right-clicking it would be identical to doing the same with any other item in the game. It would allow for attaching the item to the hand itself without being overly obtrusive in the UI.


I think there should be 2 kinds of weapons, one should be a glove modification like this:

the other kind should be like normal brass knuckles

A third kind is something like this

A fourth kind is something like this

These variations i think should be sufficient, i think for all the needs of players.
The gloves should deal less damage but you should be able to use weapons with them, but the knuckles should prevent you from using them.

Next it doesn’t really matter if the knuckles are underused, they are bad weapons in a zombie apocalypse anyway as you have to get close to use them. So they should BE cheap weapons that you use when you spawn in.

But maybe to make them more viable you can base your character around fists and fist based weapons, perhaps Nelson can add a skill system like we see in RPGs.

Otherwise I think they shouldn’t be all that great, as they are not that great as weapons anyway, as they are very short ranged weapons and aren’t really all that useful, but they should be in the game as they have their niche roles. Maybe we can make them very lightweight and small sized, which makes them perhaps more useful.

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Thank you to everyone who participated for all the varied feedback!

I had not yet considered suggestions like the spiked brass knuckles or how it would affect gun stock whacking smacking (however you like to call it).

My takeaway is that we should go for the best of both worlds, incorporating all of these suggestions.

  • Brass knuckles and spiked brass knuckles will be one-handed weapons, so equipping them does not affect gun melee damage.

  • Weighted gloves or studded gloves will boost melee damage across the board, for punching, knuckles, melee, and gun melee. This may have some negative tradeoff, and contends against other types of gloves like speed reloading gloves or winter warm gloves.

  • Weighted gun stocks ideal for melee may have negative tradeoffs.

I would also like to address the tertiary weapon slot suggestions. That completely makes sense with how equipment slots worked in Unturned, and how they appear to work in Unturned II, however I intend to revise this in the future. In 3 the purpose of primary and secondary were to provide a visual indicator to other players of whether that player had weapons or not. They might have weapons in their backpack, but the only quickly accessible weapons were visible at a glance. Otherwise the slots function similarly to hotkeyed items which were added later. You do not necessarily have your primary or secondary equipped, you could have an item from your bag equipped instead. In 4 those widgets are only ever the actively equipped items. Each clothing item will display which weapons may be contained as holstered items to solve the visual indicator of weaponry. Item quick access will then be handled separately with bindable hotkeys and/or a quick select wheel, and whatever else is suggested for quick access.

This thread has been interesting and I will keep the format in mind for future questions. :slight_smile:


I’d say weapon because I always thought it would make it uncomfortable and hard to hold any other weapon. Like if you swing a bat with the brass knuckled on, there would be more wiggle when in contact with something, and the recoil of a gun would loosen the gun out of your grip.

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When talking about disarming your opponent, it would make sense to have glovelike weapons to be handeled as clothes/equipment rather than weapons.

When disarming rifles, pistols or any melee weapons, the victim simply lets loose of his or her weapon (when successful, of course), gloves or knuckles on the other hand are more chained to the hand and shouldn’t be disarmed that easily. Unless it should be possible to literally rip of your enemy’s clothes, but that’s something you would likely do after you neutralised your enemy since tearing off, for example, a bullet proof vest might proof ineffective during the heat of the moment

Well, a knuckle could be disarmed, but you need to pull it of the fingers, however, by that logic, gloves should also be able to be pulled of your hand (more roughly of course). The question is, how firmly attached the knuckle would be to the hand; maybe I think too far and it’s quite easy to disarm a knuckle since the holes for the fingers are way too big to allow a firm grip, in contrary to gloves. Dunno, never had to disarm someone with a knuckle before.

if it automatically equips it when you stop holding something so its ready to punch, then yes it should be a glove option

I think it is a good idea how…
I think giving guns a melee attack like hitting someone with the butt/stock of the gun

its better to uses this, i guess thenn our fingers will hurt.

I feel like this is a great concept/idea but I’d rather have that if you are wearing the brass knuckles and holding a weapon it should be a lot slower shooting and a lot less stable is if the brass knuckles are getting in the way and making your fingers stiff?

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