RichText Formatting for menu items

I would like to see all menu item texts being able to support RichText Formatting using localization files, it would allow for a lot of customization. Its a easy implementation so why not.

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Sounds useless. Also i don’t think that this is in their priority

Well its not useless to everyone, yes its not in their priority but its also an really easy change.


I’m curious – were you just wanting to use a few specific tags (e.g. to bold or italicize text), or were there other TMP rich text tags you were wanting to use?

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Color ones too. Here is an example. You can acheive it by modifying the ServerConsole.dat localization file
But in general RTF. Ive tried but color (would say it would be the most important one) tag doesn’t work in most of them.

Ok, now I love this idea. I support it

I see, that does look nice for the FPS display! I believe Nelson still wants to redo some stuff in this area (localization / the translation system). I’m not sure if this would happen before then, but it’s a nice suggestion.