Ringing After Explosions

It’s quite simple, but I think it would be an interesting detail.
Something I’d like to see in Unturned II would be buzzing after loud noises, for example explosions.

It could be prevented with ear protectors,


which would counteract the player’s ability to hear (This featured part is optional).


Great idea! Maybe even cloth could be used to cover ears but it only protects from lower sounds and higher sounds have a bit less of a buzz? A lot of things could be used as ear protectors. Maybe even balaclavas would provide some protection?


Edited title.

Yes, no doubt.

Thanks, google translator does not help me much, hehe.

That would be amazing! Would it be possible to simulate the ringing effect underwater? So sort of simulating how sound travels underwater realistically?

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Yes. Good :face_with_monocle:


tinnitus 100


What about active headsets?

I did not understand exactly what you meant. The translation was a little weird, could you repeat?

Do you mean the kind of headsets that the military uses?
If so then Yes, that would be really nice!


I think it is unnecessary for this feature to be in Unturned because a high pitched ringing is annoying and doesn’t really feel right, unless it were a military simulator game.

I’m not going to subject myself to "ringing ears” just because I wasn’t able to loot RNG ear pro and someone decides to chuck a grenade.

If the ears ringing were for the sake of realism, might aswell have your ears ring every time a gun is fired.

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So I suggested this, because it bothers me a lot to blow up a car next to me, I leave as if nothing had happened.
In addition, I believe it is one of the best ways to “stun” the player, without hindering much the gameplay.

The noise of a shot is not as loud as a bomb :neutral_face: .

You left his comment translated xd

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Oh no, I’m sorry. I did not pay attention to that detail.

Pretty sure you take damage when a car blows up next to you. That isn’t “nothing happened”.

Ears ringing doesn’t stun people in game, it is just annoying.

lmao Already heard both IRL, they WILL damage your ears if you’re close enough and leave your ears [[[FUCKED]]]. edit: Without appropriate ear protection.
And because this is “for the sake of realism.”

Also it would really suck for people having to find an item that may or may not spawn just so their hearing are “protected”.

In addition to the damage, we should also be disoriented and think a good way to do this is with a short, low buzz.

Yes, it stuns at least in a way. The buzz does not have to be loud and annoying, but it should be low to “deaf” the player, simulating a stunning.

I think shots should not do that, realism should not disrupt the gameplay, but getting “deaf” after a blast (next) does not disturb the gameplay, after all, most of the time this is likely to be dead.

As I said, it is relatively specific. People should not be punished for not finding an item about to give up playing. It’s like wanting to take the night (darkness) because it’s too bad for people to have to find an item that may or may not appear just so they can see in the dark.

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