Rio de Janeiro Bug Report Megathread

Post any bugs you find in the map here. We’ll try to fix them as fast as we can. :slight_smile:

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bb gun simulator

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rio came out


Until I get a chance to actually launch the map, I’m assuming it hasn’t yet and that this is all still an elaborate joke.


The corresponding thread on the Steam Discussions can be found here.


The train tunnel in the north west has been placed twice

And the Thumper’s model is bugged


I think that there’s an error with the trees and the wind animation. The trees will move so that you can see the stump and the actual tree are not the same.

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@spebby is our speedtree guy

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Since that’s more of something that’s fixed/broken in Unity, I’ll ask our unity man to fix.

Witch trees have this issue?

map doesnt work

Seems fine to me. Just odd design :griefer:

I don’t know the exact name, but it’s one of the few trees outside of the Afonsos Base. It’s a bit hard to nice, but there.

I think the stumps themselves move instead of the trees, as well.

Is it just that one kind of tree or have you noticed it with the others as well?

For me I’ve only seen one specific tree that has that weird effect.

So far I’ve only seen the one I showed.

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