Rio de Janeiro has been updated to work with Unity 2019.4.30!

This is… a REALLY late update, but hey, better later than never I guess…

As promised, Rio has been updated to be compatible with the same version of Unity that Unturned currently uses, and some changes have also been made to the map itself, including some changes that were made in Rework, such as materials and road texture changes.

Workshop link: just click here yuh!!

Patch notes
  • Upgraded the map to use Devkit terrain and foliage.
  • Due to the nature of Devkit’s foliage tools, all the trees have been repainted manually.
  • Updated the Gravel material.
  • Updated Rio Maple #1 and #2 to better match the color of their biomes.
  • Updated the Fern material and mesh.
  • Updated road textures to use Rio Rework’s.
  • Optimized mesh collisions for smaller objects.
  • Added new fern and bush colors for the jungle biome, as well as a new large jungle bush.
  • Added new details, including flowers for the grass biome and a tall grass for the jungle (Devkit only).

I reccommend resetting your save in the map just in case due to the changes in tree placement.

Bonus screenshots of the updated jungle I thought were sick

And… that’s kind of it for changes on classic Rio. Rework is being worked on again, but it will probably not come out for a long time (specially now as we work on a new map instead of it), so don’t expect news on it for a good time.

In case you check Rio de Janeiro out again, hope you like the changes :slight_smile:


Lookin drip

that jungle does look sick

you should add more images to the workshop


I’ll take a few new screenshots when I get home later, rn all I can add to it are the jungle screenshots lol

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I still think that you should drop the rework and focus on your new map, if any

Make tree houses a thing xdxd

The jungle looks quite neat now, seems like a subtle improvement goes a long way.

Solid 8.5/10 it’s missing an excessive amount of trains. (Need more trains)

:train: :bullettrain_front: :bullettrain_side: :train2: :aerial_tramway: :tram:


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