Rip TF2 and CS:GO *or* /v/ actually delivers

Well, TF2 and CS:GO are just about to overrun by another round of bad pastes
Complete code base leaked

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Thanks, will add that in.
Also somebody managed to find yet another exploit for full on remote code execution.

What is that?

The entire source code of the game, all of. Unobfuscated.
Also, here have a look at this lmao

holy shit this is wild they better add herobrine in the game or something

inb4 the sub becomes /biz/ because tf2 economy crash

Buy when the catalog is read, sell when it’s white

the CS:GO twitter account says that the code leaked from CS is old and incomplete, and therefore shouldn’t be able to be used maliciously. No confirmation about TF2 though, so I would still recommend staying away from it.

all of this implies having some games source code allows you too launch updates for said game, sounds pretty nuts too me

What are you even on about?

Full on damage control

spez: sdg compression sucks so just click on the meme to see the full thing


finally tf2 will be returned to the people

we can establish communism in tf2

please cool it with the soapboxing also, it would be a democracy, not a communism, get your facts straight, yikes almighty

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was a joke
yikes almighty

I am expediting this topic’s closure since Valve Software have responded to the issue. Click on one of the tweets to be redirected towards the full chain of official responses.


how about rip rick may


To clarify on the official SDG comments above…

The leaks consist of content lawfully belonging to Valve Software (which was originally leaked in 2018) and to Lever Softworks (a group that is not officially affiliated with Valve in any capacity, but is an independent group trying to recreate F-STOP – a cancelled Valve game).

The links to some of the places where the leaks are available directly were removed. These links were removed out of respect for the copyright holders. These links also directed to forums that were pushing lies about what caused the leaks, in order to maliciously and falsely attack certain community members in the Valve community.

Please refrain from ever linking to these kinds of leaks directly – out of respect for those who actually own such content.

Rest in peace.


Is the leak real?or is it just a false info.Might be worth to check the leaked code :stuck_out_tongue:

For real ?