Riverland Map (i dont know an better name LOL)

Hello people, i am making this because i cant wait to upload this map (its like 10% done lol, this will take a lot of time) but atleast i want to make the people know that i am making an map it has a lot of things

-will have 3 big cities (75% finished, the second one is 50% done and i dont started the 3)
-3 airpots (principal airport, and small airport, and an airport in the military base

  • a bunker with ranger spawns
  • ultra detailed shops (details are not made with structures or barricades from the survival mode so the players cant destroy them)
  • only 3 mods (i think) : covenant build tool mod, playerTshi,t objects and one more i think
  • new locations made with other objetcs

i will put some here:

That is the Mercy hospital, i made that room only with metal platforms and dividers (yeah, the dividers of the offices in washington) And it look pretty good!

That its Shersville city, is the city that is 75% done, navigation done, roads done, boulders done. only zombies and furniture and this will be ready

This is the level of Detail in some shops, houses, and places (this is the clothes shop in sherville city)

Thats all for now, i will do more and when i get more places ready, i put them here


Edit: i forgot 4 locations lol i will do a second part i think xd

This is chumesh international airport, the principal airport of the map

This is an random place, i will call this place random location 1. a lot of people died here by the infection, the soldiers blowed up the bridge but the infection has infected all, this is an important place in the story of this map.

This is another random place, is an highway, sherville is at the start and the random location 1 is at the end.

What is this place??? the military base? and ranger base? AND SCORPION LAB??
Who knows… (hahahahahah i am the only who knows)

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i will have more places to show in some weeks, somebody wants and part 2 of this post? (because this will be to long)

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