Roblox game (not) using stolen unturned assets

EDIT: Turns out the design of the weapons were inspired, not ripped from Unturned.
Game link:

I recently was browsing on roblox and came across this game called [:trophy: BATTLE ROYALE :trophy:] :desert_island: Salvage - V2.9.4 as much as it is an eyesore to see emojis in text. The thumbnail surprised me, the characters are using unturned models? (Notice the Viper, Colt, and Zube)

And I decided to test it out, maybe it was just a coincidence… NOPE

“Powerful long range rounds” >sportshort
I submitted a report about the stolen assets (Like that will do anything)
I couldn’t find any appropriate category ffor this post besides unturned 3.0 if I did that wrong, mods please fix it.

I’m pretty sure they are making profit out of Nelson’s assets. I hope they will completely replace it!

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Another roblox game called outlive did this about a year ago. I hope this game suffers the same fate.

roblox is just a haven of ripped shit. i saw some vietnam RP game where they literally ripped off the entirety of Rising Storm 2’s Hue City map. it’s cancer.


To clarify: they’re not using Unturned’s models, but they are using some of the names and icons.

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Are you sure? they look like they just reduced the sight polycount but kept the original model.

Here is more evidence:




Got second place in this game btw


After I saw this forum post, I played the game, reviewed it and then I tweeted this to the creators of Salvage BR

Also, here is Silicone Digital’s twitter

They’re made inside the Roblox engine by sticking wedges to squares. In-game the guns look incredibly thin with bad clipping between the objects they threw together for the models.

They imported zero meshes. They’re made from scratch, and while mimicking a copyright/trademark is infringement, Nelson does not have ownership over low-poly models.

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It’s an inspiring, not a plagiarism.

Roblox is just a shit platform with shit moderators.


I’m one of the developers of Salvage from 2016 to April 2017 and recently now back as owner for Salvage. I was the developer of the original user interfaces until they were replaced when I was no longer part of the team.

Here’s some backstory so Salvage is a Battle Royale game and one of the ex-developers was a player of Unturned as far as I was aware. I can assure you that the models were created within the Roblox engine, using custom meshes in Roblox was not possible until mid-2017 if I can recall. I am sure yes the developer who made the guns was really interested in the style of the Unturned guns as we wanted to have low poly and keep the style of the other parts of the game, the icons are renders made by one of my personal friends and they were done through Cinema 4D.

as for what’s happening, we’re working on a complete overhaul of the game, this also includes removing the gun names as this has been a problem since me regaining ownership of the game. I also agree that we should change the names the only problem is that it’s currently heavily implemented in the game’s code with the names. although myself and new developers who have taken over the Salvage project have been working on the Salvage V3.0 update we still don’t have a release date. I can assure you that we’ve got new models + names (the actual gun names) and not ones from unturned as mentioned.

I’m happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.


Well, glad to give us an insight to this. Answers alot of questions when people see that game


Oh thank you, thought you guys were another Outlive, glad to see it was inspired instead of copied. Are you guys looking for modelers? :smiley:

Currently, we’ve got a guy who is making the gun’s via Roblox Studio using parts although our plan is to export them to .fbx and then import back into studio to help with performance as that’s now possible. Although we’re opening up a way for the community to help us with texturing (skins and such). Not sure if that’s something you do but if you want to you can always hit up the Silicon Digital Twitter DM’s and I’ll let you know more info on that.

and thanks for understanding and making this post.

Interested, will send a dm via twitter shortly.

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sent (10 char limit)

Great, I’ll look into it tomorrow morning.

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Good (Ten characters)

You have high standards for roblox bro. There aren’t any good games there anymore. You’ll have to dig pretty hard to find something actually enjoyable.