Rotten Banana

It will never be missed. A legendary food of high value, no reason why it shouldn’t be in a cosmetic shirt or a billboard, it’s too good to be forgotten.


Is there any unturned forum you don’t have an account on?

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There was a rotten banana? Is this something just in the files like the coconut? I don’t remember ever having a rotten banana…

damn you to the bottom of the sea, 'tis a golden treasure in Antique. You landlubbers will never understand


Rotten apple was better. Should make billboards of them, 44.99 $ Rotten Banana !

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I went back to the 1.0 lands of old.

Yes, it indeed had the legendary rotten bananas.

Go check the barns, they were everywhere.


Be nice if they were re-added as a insanely rare item in the grocery spawns.

Like when you hold it, it gives a slight lighting effect around it (yes, you could use it as a torch in concept, though I would not want to try), and sparkle effect around it.

The effects can be simple, this could be a item truly balanced because rare (as in as rare as finding a shawdowstalker mk.2 in loot raids). It restores 100 food, 100 water, 100 energy, and perhaps even health and immunity.

However giving it normal stats would just be a shame.

In the editor if you want to make it really rare just get a 1% loot table, and fill the “ID’s” with 100 other things along with the banana.

like of that 1%, if you get that spawn, these other 50 items have the same chance of spawning.

Effectively a 0.0002% chance of spawning. I think that would be balanced.

I don’t know, might be going bananas with hype, But hey! I do want them added!

It was in 1.0, not 2.0

Who said it was 2.0?

AnimaticFreak told Hexadecimal that it was in 1.0 because he didn’t know the existence of the item, he probably thought that it was a hidden item in 2.0 or 3.0.