RP Workshop map having multiple problems. Help?

We’re making an RP map named Wolf County, but we’ve had two persistent problems.

1 - It never rains. Ever.
2 - The map has no item or car spawns. This is intentional. However, when we spawn in cars and destroy them they never despawn. Their destroyed remains just stay forever until we restart the server.

Any ideas or fixes?

Hm, I have also recently started an RP server and indeed have the same issues; altering the config to make cars despawn faster does not seem to work, and I did not even notice that it never rains until you brought it up.

However, I have noticed that changing the map to something non-RP returns things to normal; I know this does not help, but at least you are not the only one experiencing this issue.

Very nice to hear this isn’t just a me issue :sweat_smile:

Check the rain multipliers for the map under environment as well as (I think) the server config.

Nothing to do with server configs. Rain NEVER happens despite using the default configs.

What about the configs in the map editor itself?

Map editor configs? You mean just the config.json inside the map files? Nothing there except a little code for the train on the map.

Nope, in the actual map editor, in game, there’s an environment tab, and under lighting is where you can control multipliers for rain and snow.


ill go tell him to go look at that, since he makes the map.

what about the other prob?

I’m unsure of the second problem.

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