RTX 2060 (Strix brand) barely reaching 60 FPS?

So. around december i bought all new stuff for my PC.

  • Ryzen 7 2700x
  • Strix RTX 2060 (6GB)
  • 16GB RAM.

Yet unturned barely reaches 60 FPS. Got the most updated drivers, messed with my settings, no different. I’ve asked multiple people and no one has any clue what’s going on. Could anyone shed any light on it?

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I have a 2060 and I run all ultra just fine. no clue what your issue is, but unturned does not have great optimization


Changing my settings doesn’t even help either. At all, I just get that consistent 50-60 FPS

Vsync? Tttt

50-60 is still good enough for playing the game. I’ve got an RTX 2070 Super and a R7 3700X and am running in the same range. RAM is 16 gigabytes as well and for some reason it clocks at 4200 MHz.

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Did you plug it in?

I’ve got a 1660 ti and I can get 40-70 fps on Ultra.

Unturned’s optimization is iffy at best, so a lot of players with very high end setups struggle to get the FPS they would see in other games. That being said, 60 FPS is more than playable (which is more than I can say for some of the poor lads in here who’ve played at 20 FPS for years).

Extra note: If you’re aware of the development of Unturned II, optimization is a main focus in that iteration.


I’m using this old-ass 1050 TI and can run 60 on all ultra settings. Do you have vsync enabled?

EDIT: My CPU clocks at 3.97 GHz, does that change anything?

I get just under 60 depending on the map with a 1070 and 6700k@4.5ghz. The performance of this game really doesn’t care about your actual hardware. People with very similar or even the same hardware have random varying frame rates for no obvious reason. It’s essentially a lottery imo.

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Check for V-Sync, run scans for hardware errors/incompatibilities, Overclock PC if it’s safe, Check for Harddrive Fragmentation, make sure you don’t have too many other intensive applications open, make sure your Harddrive isn’t too full, can slow down boot times and your PC in general, check for Viruses. Searching “What can cause a PC to slow down” can give you some ideas, you mentioned you bought “New stuff”, is this a completely new rig, with no old parts, or are there some older parts? If so the problem may be that those parts aren’t compatible with your new parts, or they’re damaged in some way.

Vsync is not enabled, no.

I did a bunch of compatability checks of everything before buying it all, no issues. I can run other games perfectly fine. As an example, No Man’s Sky at ultra settings at 100+ FPS with no drops whatsoever which is why I’m so confused. The PC runs amazing, but Unturned it just doesn’t like one bit.

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I really don’t think his computer causing the issues here. This is just unturned.

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Incompatible parts in 2020?
that’s basically impossible if the pc turns on

Could that be the issue? I’m no tech expert but my computer runs better with vsync.
(In case you don’t know it just syncs the fps to your monitor refresh rate for smoother gameplay)

Vsync will just limit your frame rate to the maximum your monitor supports which is good for stopping frame collisions and therefore screen tearing but shouldn’t do much else.

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