RTX and/or DLSS Support?

Just wondering if this will eventually get Raytracing or DLSS support.
I honestly think DLSS should be a bigger priority as it’s just such a great antialiasing option.
Ray tracing is beautiful and all, but it would probably take a lot of resources and time to implement.
Anyways I really hope we get DLSS at least.

probably not, since alot of that stuff is actually funded by Nvidia. The technology isn’t ready for an indie game like Unturned to implement it without heavy funding and support from an RTX videocard supplier like Nvidia


This seems pretty accurate.

As far as I know, for DLSS specifically you have to provide the completed game to NVIDIA and they run it through a neural network, upscaling up to 4K in order to find minimal quality loss. Then, this is distributed through a driver update, not the game.


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