Russia map remake

I’m working on a complete remake of the russia map to Ben completely Greek, every location has been remade to fit the Greek style and I’ve even added a few of my own touches like swat mega zombies and a subway to Athens (Moscow) instead of the broken entrance

or have you just started as of writing this

don’t tell danaby he will panic






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oH NO, you have no idea what you have just unleashed…
I do what I do because there is no choice, and you just went and threw that all way. I contain the things you don’t even know are contained or need to bE contained.

you are going to regret opening that box the moment he arrives.
Our time of reckoning is here.

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Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth
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So I gave my sermon an urban kick
My rhymes are fly, my beats are sick
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That’s 'cause danaby Christ is my ######

but why would you? why remake Russia with greek assets?

that’s the determination of a god, please don’t disappoint

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I mean its a creative idea, if its executed poorly though it will just be thrown in the trash with the other modified vanilla maps like PEI flooded or Russia+ lmao

I am literally shaking and crying right nowe oh my god i cannot believe logan paul could do this



I’m getting cancer reading this; Greekified Russia

i will work on adding pictures without screwing over my map

EDIT: found some old pics used on the workshop page

can only post one sorry (also this picture is outdated, Athens is finished now)

EDIT: as of writing the map is nearly finished but I cannot work on it until the assets I’m using are updated, I’m waiting on Ireland and Athens Arena, after that we will be in full gear again.

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This looks really good, real nice buildings/assets

pretty sure those are just objects from greece and athens arena.

then what’s the bottom left building called? I really like it

thats the greece fire station

Image result for grease oil