Russia revamp

A simple change to russia, add volk or zavod in the place of krovi estate because there is never any pvp going on in the krovi area, everyone builds near volk, zavod and ivan train because all of the military loot is packed in there and i don’t see a point of having 3 military locations drawing the attention of most of the pvp on the map, it doesn’t fit with the spread out tiered loot on the map like it should, if this is added, pvp will be spread across the top left and right sides of the map and would be nice
(krovi will be replaced with one of the military base locations and not deleted of course)

this purely an objective change that i think will spread out pvp
im happy to hear your thoughts and will respond to them if possible


Just adding more loot (e.g. including raiding gear) to Krovi would be enough, in my opinion

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Agreed, for people to start going to the location more often, it’s enough to spawn raid loot, and it doesn’t matter what kind of location it is :face_in_clouds:


To me, Russia seems kinda… empty? Not really sure how to describe it, but I would love to see some minor location changes, maybe even a small new location. But changing a map that way will most likely never happen.


Unfortunately, but no one is going to improve the map of Russia, or remake it. This can affect many problems in the future, due to which, for example, the former popularity cannot be returned. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, it WILL NOT get revamped or remade. So all we can do is wait for the new maps and hope that they are gonna be good.


if it can be changed then it would be good, russia is the most balanced official map in unturned

I think all of the official maps could do with a remaster. I was thinking about Washington the other day and how it could be greatly improved by making it more similar to the recent curated maps like Elver or Arid. There’s a lot of promise to something set in Washington in terms of cool assets, Russia and PEI as well.

I think just making the vanilla maps “more like x curated map” is flawed. While I think these maps should get some visual face lifts, their gameplay should remain similar. PEI and Washington are still fun due to their unique gameplay loop and the game evolved out of them for a reason, I think they should remain as they are.


I thought the same with the France map which I still play on. Its curated and not official but it could really get a makeover, and I wouldn’t be against a full remake, even willing to join if such a project was to happen.

I really just meant giving the same general loop of the map but making it more similar to how Washington actually looks i.e. changing the towns to use roads instead of objects and updating how the buildings look to be a little bit more detailed. Denser forests would go a long way as well though I can see why Nelson wouldn’t want to go that route.