Russia Rock Bug

When you walk in the Russia map (i was in singleplayer) and you find a yellow and blue glitching rock…

(This happened when I tried to find the rock that was glitched)
(a different angle)
(purple shadow)

(location on map)
These coloured glitch things were all on the same rock at the weird mountain overhang by Camp Oleksandr.

(by the way these arent shadows because they only appeared when I was looking in the direction shown in the screenshot. after moving/walking on it. or past it, it disappeared)

why is the screenshot so small

and why do you not tell us where the rock is

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this happens a lot, with many of the rocks. i think it’s the coloured beams from the Shadowstalker questline thingy. the rocks will flash certain colours if you look at them from a certain angle

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are those rocks part of the story? dun dun dunn
Where is it?

It is on the weird mountain overpass by camp oleksandr
i will try to get more screenshots that help show where it is.

If this is, then why is it past the radio tower that shines the light for the mk2?
Also what about the black and purple ones?

In the future, can you upload normal-sized screenshots? It’s really hard to see things when you only upload images that are 200 pixels wide.

You playing on a gameboy, my dude ?

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your game resolution hurts me

The screenshots were better and my resolution is 1366 x 768 (or whatever the highest is), its just the quality of the conversion to this page died. (it might be that idk what im doing)

The site doesn’t resize uploaded images, so something is just terribly wrong with what you’re doing to take screenshots.

At some point I’m going to go in-game and look for these colored lines for myself anyways though.

all i am doing to take screenshots is pressing a key (in my case its the END button but thats irrelevant) and then I go to the screenshots page for the game and then go to the disk space and find them and drag them to the page.

the black and purple ones are missing textures, not part of the quest

I know, I was showing as to why it wouldn’t be part.

I was never able to replicate this. Did you try verifying game cache? Are your graphics drivers updated?