Safebelt Mechanic

Hi, i know i haven’t posted a suggestion in quite some time so here is a new suggestion i came up with.
(note : if this was already sugested please say so and link the post thank you)

My suggestion is centered around the belt clothing item.
I know you can put holsters onto the belt and such but i had another cool idea wich i call the Safebelt mechanic.
the idea is that you can put pouches and stuff onto the belt for diffrent things like a gps or different tools or even a small inventory pocket (wich is problably already planned) but here is the real idea here.
when you die the stuff on your tool belt carries over so you dont have to start from scrach (if on a pvp server and people taking all your good loot).
this will allow you to start again easier if you dont have a bed put down or it is destroyed.

in a nutshell if you have stuff on your belt it carries over after death.

thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions to expand on this subject please put them down below this post.


I thought it would be something to protect from those undead pants pullies. Or car seatbelts.

But er… what. How? Why?


puts nuclear missile in belt

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If you’re proposing something like the secure containers in Escape From Tarkov, then I don’t think it’ll work well in Unturned.

Now, I have no problem with making the game easier, especially for newer players, but the concept of removing, to a certain extent, the threat of dying doesn’t sit well with me.


I like the idea of having gadgets and items on the belt like a GPS and maybe a canteen. Or a quick access to a knife, like instead of a knife taking a primary or secondary slot it would have its own hotkey. But not to big on the saving items on death. Even if its something small like a GPS or pocket knife.

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a bit op…

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Since guns take a large area this could be specifically designed so only small items can fitt in there. it doesn’t need to be a grid it could be a different shape that prevents gun storage.

So it wouldn’t be


i see your point but pistols are also small

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