Sailboats, maybe Modular Vehicles?

Do I have to say anything for this?
I guess I’ll make a brief summary.
They can sail only when the wind to their side or rear, and cannot sail directly into the wind.
However, it its possible to tack into the wind by zigzagging.
Instead of a steering wheel, the player controls the craft by adjusting the direction of the sail.
This would be a heavily skill-oriented craft, as otherwise you won’t even be able to move it.
Also, maybe implement a system in which two players have to collaborate in some of the larger sailboats, with one moving the sail and the other controlling the rudder, and both players have to be moving their respective…for lack of a better term, “things”, to steer the watercraft.
This also opens up the opportunity for makeshift rafts that use sails.

The second topic I’m presenting here also ties into the first. I feel that the makeshift raft should be scrapped, with the player only able to craft a base raft out of wood. In order to move it, the player must use paddles, or craft a sail and mount it onto the boat. An upgrade would be to salvage the sail and mount an engine, or just keep both on it. We could also craft turrets and mount them on vehicles, as well as things like additional fuel tanks, a vehicle-mounted navigation system, storage space, etc.

For example, take the gyrocopter. I know Nelson is cutting some slack on the crafting system, but in reality there should be NO WAY you could craft a working helicopter out of metal bars, sheets, and whatnot. Instead, you could base it on what I suggested with the raft: you craft a frame, place down the frame, then craft all the individual modules such as the rotors, the seat, et cetera, then mount them onto the vehicle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this huge blob of text.
Your feedback is much appreciated.

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Why has nobody read this?
Please read this and give me an opinion.

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I’m totally in favour of vehicle upgrades, but heavily skill-based vehicles are just not needed since skill in-game should be focused on things other than sailing.

But sailing noice…

hey i am completely with you for the engine / sail and modular vehicles but using pure skill is a bit overboard (sea what i did there?) but rlly young kid play this game

even for not that young people, I play Unturned because of the survival aspect, not sailing simulation.

Microsoft SDG Nautical Simulator 2018™

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