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Since Nelson is planning on adding in items such as ghillie covering for guns, do y’all think that skins that can be purchased or opened from loot boxes should remain in the game?

I’m torn between loving realism, and loving for my weapons to look awesome.

I don’t think there will be cosmetics nor skins for 4.0

There is a huge difference between a ghillie net over a gun and a hypertech grizzly


I would like to have skins for arena/BR mode, but nothing else

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It has already been confirmed that skins will likely not return.

Item variation, including cosmetic variations of clothing were implemented before Devlog #5.

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Thats not what they are talking about @anon24515308 , that is different. A cosmetic is not item variation. Item variation is having a slightly different pattern of camo from and item to the next.

@KingFrog thanks for the ping. /s
Why would there be any need for “a cosmetic” if there’s already a variation system that allows you to dye or paint items to have different cosmetic features aesthetics (because apparently we’ve redefined the word cosmetic), such as colors and patterns?


personally i think they should have an item shop, similar to Fortnite’s item shop, which would occasionally sell emotes, skins, weapon wraps, etc.

Weapon skins and cosmetics will not make a return in UII.
It’s a shame, I like the customisability, but oh well.

yea same, it is a real shame. but maybe we could convince nelson to transfer 3.0 cosmetics to 4.0? idk, just an idea.

Item variation yes, but skins are not just going to be magically added onto your gun.

Now there is a couple flaws with that, 1 steam are the people who have the item inventory and people will once again do the same thing they did for unturned 1 by making the prices something that’s the opposite of the 2 other games Tf2 and Csgo. 2 an item shop is the steam market so there is no way to do that without he running the servers off his pc

They wont return, which is good because they were childish and immature.

and so he returns

What you were describing was the variation of clothing, such as different camo variation (different sized blotches etc), and this would happen on any item which had it applied to it, which is what the devlog you referred too meant. As of now, painting your items in game is very likely, but not officially confirmed. Also, your comment would confuse anyone who didnt even read the devlog, which is why I called you out.

I am going to share my unpopular opinion:
I wish that in Unturned 4.0 there are items you can customize directly in-game with in-game items you can find/craft (you guessed right) in-game (like paints to change overall colour of things, spray paints to make patterns for guns, maybe modifying a hat’s edge wideness with a sewing machine/attaching some more material to the hat) instead of skins.

Nelson has already stated that he will carefully reconsider Steam economy items, including cosmetics/skins, for UII; however he has specifically stated they will definitely not be anywhere near the immersion-breaking items of U3.

A basic paint mask or camouflage is likely, but we’re definitely not going to see luminescent futuristic neon skins with electricity shooting out of them or anything of the sort.

This has been suggested an innumerable amount of times before and is the mechanic for some semblance of “skins” most of us agree on. It is certainly not unpopular.

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