Saying Hello from Nowhy01

3 months doing “small fixes and lasers”. Don’t you read the posts? He spent most of the 3 months fixing bugs in Unturned 1 that came after his update to optimize it and improve the experience for his current players. And you come here to say that Unturned 2 will never come out and laugh? Why are you in this community if you come here to laugh that the developer has no team and will never finish the game.
I don’t know what you are doing here ._.
Maybe you’re too young and don’t know how video games are made or if you just don’t read the posts and just go to the pictures and then assume things.

cry about it

Wow thats real toxicity, u are gonna get reported dude.

I answer you and tell you what Nelson was doing at this time and this is how you answer, you definitely have to be a child. I hope the admins ban you fair and square.

Ahh yes
A typical forum topic wouldn’t be so typical without people bitching

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It begins with Florida Man, of course it is the most American video there is for the day.

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