Saying Hello from Nowhy01

Hello Community of Unturned

My name is Nowhy01 I’ve returned to just hi and how are ya doing? I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today.

I have not played unturned much recently but I would like to say this game is awesome
I’ve played it ever since 2015. I would like to also express the need to say thank you fine member of the community for the good times of 3.0 as well 2.0 and the forums itself.

I hope to see this game flourish more as it gets developed but I just wanted to say thank you how are you and have a nice day.

Good Night.

Sincerely Nowhy01.


@Nowhy01 pictured, circa half an hour from this post being made.


It’s been a while

I have risen through the ranks since you left

now I have unfinished businesses with you.



@Yarrrr No Yarrrr, don’t do it.

Yes Yarrrr, do it.


unturned 2 is never coming out fyi

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Let dual later DM me.

Dual what?

dual nuts (reference to male anatomy and play on words LOL)

I don’t know any game he has.

This is why I love Yarrrr (no homo)

Never? What are u talking about? :expressionless:

he has no team and it took him 3 months to make small fixes and add lasers. Lol.

What fixes?

Reports in unturned 2

akimbo nuts

Fun fact fourth of july mod post I pinned it to my browser why whistleblower can explain.

nerd for explaining the joke

did you want me to laugh?

Nah just saying