Scarier zombies

No offense to the art style, but they look kinda stupid. Maybe if zombies could have glowing eyes or chomping teeth or something, or when they kill you they try and eat your flesh, resulting in blood dripping down their face and stuff


Maybe keep their old style, but make them creepier and bloody, maybe? blood on their clothes and stuff. Also zombies around deadzones could be all deformed and mutated

I’m pretty sure nelson plans on add ripped clothing, and wounds to zombies. But I’m not sure if he plans on adding dismembered limbs to the whole whole body. But with maya maybe he can do that easyily.

“look kinda stupid”. LOL
best argument

i agree it you zombies dont are not even a litle scares
what hit your weakness in actual 3.0

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the zombie faces from 3 are perfect. just make the zombies with torn clothes

maybe you could shoot their legs off too, and they’d be crawling on the ground

Um… You mean like this? :

Now that’s what I call Demon!

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You can only make blocks look so scary, you know what I mean?

i mean, you can make them scarier than they are now

not the overall face or anything, maybe just bloody looking and creepier sounds maybe

I think ruined/weathered clothing would be better overall

Aye, that and maybe an improved face. Nothing too different; its kinda iconic now and I don’t think it should leave. However, I don’t have any issues with zombies looking much more zombie-like. Ruined clothing, limping, more zombie-like faces, etc.

The zombies appearance is fine as is, in terms of presentation the clothes could dramatically be withered or cut and the zombies themselves could be bruised.

I mean, they’re undead people, what do you expect?

I believe in 2.0 they had minor tears in there clothing.

Maybe now they can have random selves torn off, the shirt is half gone and merely hanging on, flapping in the wind. Or some chunks gone (indents on the figure, no red).

What are some ways we can make them more fallen (just not too gorey)

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Exactly. 2.0 did infact have ripped clothing, and I wish 3.0 did too, it was minor like you mentioned but 4.0 could infact take into account the meshed clothing to make more realistic tears.

maybe it’d be cool to shoot off their legs or something, have them crawling on the ground

Already suggested, and already going to be implemented (I think)

I’d love to see that in-game.


“kinda stupid”

cant you use other words like “less scary”?

even this game icon have that zombie face