Scorpion-7 Aerospace Research Complex

The following message is transmitted at the request of local authorities: At 10:32 AM, mountain time, a disaster of unknown type has occurred at the Scorpion-7 Aerospace Research Complex, causing significant damage to various systems, including power and communications in the surrounding areas. An immediate evacuation order has been given for all residents within a 75 mile radius of the facility. An on-site containment team has been dispatched to provide assistance. Make sure to bring an emergency supply of: food, water, clothing, first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, and a battery powered radio. Follow evacuation routes which have been marked by local authorities, and only use 1 vehicle. Do not return to the warning area until the all-clear has been given. If you are not in the evacuation zone, stay where you are. If you are within the evacuation area and have no transportation, locate your nearest police department or military officer. Do not use telephones, or cell phones, except in the case of an emergency. Stay tuned to local news media outlets for further details and information on this situation.

A bit of clarification: The NPCs nor the lights will be there on release. It’s for the purpose of the scene.


Such a mystery, I wonder what this is about?

Safezone in underground research tunnels? hell yeah!

No, the NPCs arent going to be there on release. Sorry!

Hey nuclear sorry to tell you but… The lights will only be on during the night, at day they will be turned off :confused:

I edited something new into the description, check it out.

ahh okay, sounds good man

oh btw, I advise usingt he flickering lights, adds a more Erie feel to it, if thats how you spell it xd

Hey hey hey, that’s-a spicy-a Black Mesa reference

You’ll probably need this

Aha! I forgot that at my last job.

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