Scotland Mini Teaser


that’s why you get a PC


You really aren’t that bright are you.

You’re missing the point here. Just because they aren’t expensive doesn’t mean that he has to get them.

Personal preference. No one has to go out of their way to get a new machine just because something on their old one doesn’t work.


SpeedTree is like $19 a month, and it’s as if you’d take over a month to make a few trees.
also, macs were never intended for gaming, so obviously you’re going to experience problems if you use it for gaming, because games aren’t usually optimised to run on macs, so like… get a pc.
l understand that it’s why you use legacy trees, though. @NeedlessMemeing


Why is it 19$ a month to watch a tree grow at abnormally fast speeds? this is bullshit. it should 10$ at minimum to see a tree grow


understandable have a nice day