Scotland Mini Teaser


A little teaser of Scotland in the map British Isles, as a sort of early Christmas present

Abandoned Farmland

Abandoned Sawmill

Bridge near Bein Eighe

Dundee Hydroelectric Facility


Give me my damn country back you damn imperial

No but seriously those are some tasty landscapes, great work.


as they say in england, thats pretty neat


I see snow.
I approve.


Looks great. I don’t really like those trees that much, though. They’re kinda blocky and not that detailed


They’re only the default trees, once I get speed trees set up they’ll be looking a lot more detailed like the ones you see in higher quality versions of the game


Ah, okay. It looks like a great map, I love that sawmill.


thank you


The republic will never give you back your country. I know what happens at the end of the book, june and day dont save the republic…


shit wrong thing.

I meant Han solo and looke Skywalker won’t save your country considering your planet was destroyed by the death star.

damn it i wish it was legend we were talkin about


Very cool.


I see all the hard work and time, looks great cant wait to play on it ! possible release date ?


Just want to give you guys a PSA, can you check that your damn trees work on legacy settings and don’t appear as big blobs like every other curated map?



why the hell do you use legacy trees


Is that a problem?


no, but like, new trees look way better, legacy tree is just a cylinder with some flat foliage


don’t have a release date sorted yet, sorry


Also hey people that are complaining about the use of legacy trees, I hear you. I would love to use speed trees, but not everybody can just drop money like mansa musa. furthermore I don’t know how to make custom speed trees yet. as soon as I figure them out you will see them. thanks.


Not everyone has money to drop onto creating SpeedTrees- hell, it could be just a bad financial move for the creator (Not saying it is). Legacy trees look fine in Unturned and are good enough for conveying a new environment.


SpeedTrees aren’t too expensive though


New trees cause crashing on Mac.