SCP 6969 - The Stone Bot


Item #: SCP-6969

Object Class: Keter

SCP-6969 in containment.

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-6969 is to be kept in #lounge at all times. When moderators must enter SCP-6969’s container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the internet connection is to be terminated behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct meme contact with SCP-6969 until all moderators have vacated and relocked the container. SCP-6969 must have acces to a computer which has at least 200MBp/s internet connection.

Description: SCP-6969 is an upvote bot, engineered by Nelson ███████, which resemble a 9 year old human male. It appears to have no hair and it’s theorized that it might have reproductional genitalia near the crotch area but it’s yet to be confirmed as no close observations were possible.

SCP-6969 must browse thru several forum websites, mainly the SDG forum, and post baseless memes. It’s unknown how SCP-6969 gathers said memes as it does not make them. SCP-6969 also likes to and open threads that make absolutely no contribution to said forums. If SCP-6969 is unable to browse said forums at any time, it will go sicko mode.

It should be noted that SCP-6969 upvotes hundreds of threads per day, and failure to do so might anger SCP-6969.

Additional Notes: No records exist to clarify the nature of SCP-6969’s discovery or presence in the Foundation. See SCP-6969-OD. Since no records exist explaining SCP-6969’s method of containment, a test procedure was initiated to establish why forum websites must be used to contain it.

Testing Protocols: A field kit containing the following should be standard issue for testing of SCP-093:

  • One (1) wrist-mounted smartphone and additional power sources providing up to six (6) additional hours.

  • Four (4) meme folders.

  • One (1) standard-issue SDG Ban Hammer with twenty-four (24) rounds of moderation, loaded. This is not to be issued until subject has made contact with SCP-6969 and should be given under armed supervision ensuring that the thread passes through entirely. This item is to be requisitioned first upon subject’s return and subject to be made aware of this before leaving line of sight within SCP-6969’s threads.

  • One (1) standard-issue Block User Button. The subject is not to be made aware of this item and must find it on his own within the kit.

      SCP-6969-OD: Containment Test 
      * SDG Unturned Forums: SCP-6969 calmly sends memes of unknown origin and upvotes threads, it is theorized that it might be trying to get a *Regular Rank*.
      * Reddit: SCP-6969 browses thru several subreddits and upvoted 5628402 threads in 40 minutes.
      * MOJANG Minecraft Forums: SCP-6969 seems mildly satisified while discussing the video game *Minecraft*, results noted.
      Addendum:  Containment testing discontinued after establishing that SCP-6969 requires acces to forums. Testing on human interaction with computers while holding SCP-6969 authorized by Dr. Turkler.


what can i say cept your eelcome


Fear not, Dr. Peskymoth is here to help with the experimentation of SCP 6969

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