Screamer zombies

I saw this zombie type on the steam community site and thought it was a good idea
The screamer zombie would be in random places on the map, and when it sees you it will scream as loud as possible and alert a lot of zombies as a horde to try and kill you.
Survival would be harder because it would force you to go around the map more slow and methodically.


Having zombies that alert the others isn’t a bad idea, it would amplify the difficulty without having to wait for a horde beacon (if the suggestion is for #unturned-3) or a full moon.

I assume that you’re suggesting that for #unturned-4 right ?


Yes i am talking about #unturned-4

This isn’t really a new idea. It has been suggested several times.

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some mutated-looking zombies might be cool, for around deadzones as well, maybe

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