Screen Shake

Add Screen Shake as an option, people would have the option to toggle it on or off cause it can give quite a disadvantage in PvP.

It basically shakes your screen, during an explosion for example.

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Screen shake should be for everyone


I agree, it should be set on default for everyone, it can be quite annoying for some people, but Nelson could make it less annoying if he didn’t make the screen shake rapidly.

However the option to toggle it off wouldn’t hurt, i think.

Whenever there’s a setting in a game that can be seen as disadvantageous, but it has the ability to be turned off, then most if not all players are going to turn it off, thus rendering the setting pointless in the first place. Take motion blur for example: in most games, motion blur is never used by anyone, because it gives a disadvantage when moving the FoV. It is really only used in cinematic because it looks nice, but is impractical in a gameplay sense.


If this was implemented, I’d immediately turn it off because of how annoying it is.

You now have the issue of people who don’t know about the option, being at a disadvantage to me.


I like this, however I whould like it to be forced, just to a non-annoying extent.

High screen shake (depending upon how close to a explosion you were), and a small, minor shake when shot or hit.

However being hit with a high damage weapon at the head (like you had a helmet and got shot by a sniper) I think some massive shake is reasonable.

Since, well, you just survived a anti-material rifle.


We’re becoming more EFT by the second, ladies and gents


The screen already shakes when you get damage, I think for explosions it should blur vision or something like that for a change.

Let’s dissect the common terminology here, folks.

Flinch - the effect of your entire view briefly shifting or jarring after you take damage. The effect currently found in 3.0 when taking damage, somewhat mitigated by the Toughness skill. Can be found in virtually any survival/shooter game.

Screen Shake - the effect of the camera itself wobbling from the shock wave of an explosion. Typically more intense the closer you are to the source, or the more intense the explosion is. Can be found in some shooters as well as certain survival games like Rust.

Aimpunch - the effect of your aim being rapidly and physically knocked off course from taking damage similar to flinching, usually after being shot during a weapon ADS. Can be found in some shooters such as Escape From Tarkov.

Greyscale - the effect of your vision losing color and becoming dull and unsaturated as you near death. Currently a feature in 3.0 as well as many survival and shooter games.

Blur - the effect of loss of clarity with the camera view. Found in 3.0 through hallucinogens sometimes, as well as certain shooter games. Can also result from a concussion or a flashbang grenade.

To an extent I would like any and all of these features being implemented for immersion, but again, to a rational extent. None of these should be toggleable options, so as to level the playing field.

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