Searching For An Object Interactibility .dat Guide

While browsing the workshop I’ve found a really neat map that after taking a closer look utalises
what seems to be Interactibility commands in its object .dat file.

The map in question is called Operation Hankagai is a first person class based shooter map in a CQC environment. Using Interactibility objects to sort out team, class and sides to make the experience as smooth as possible, granted it was not perfect. It was not able to sort out players into groups to prevent friendly fire nor have a reset when 1 team was eliminated, never the less it was a fun map to play.
Workshop Map:

While having a good poke around Nelsons object guides and Github I was not able to find a guide that really explained the Interactability command line very well. Nelson did go over it in his guide for Objects but it was quiet vague and I didn’t have an easy time understanding.

Out of places to search I’ve come here, I’m wondering is there an already existing Guide on these command lines and if not, is someone able to help me in the right direction to use them?

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You’re wanting quest/NPC-relevant data, rather than object data.


Intractability isn’t too difficult with objects. If you are talking about doing something similar to the warden’s key on Germany. It can also be used with NPC’s as soon on both Russia and Belgium which uses flags and conditions. I suggest looking at this guide where I have explained quite a few things that I think may answer your questions.

What are having trouble with specifically so we can suit your needs better?


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