Searching help with server for unturned 2.2.5

Hi, recently i wanted to make server for unturned 2.2.5 on ubuntu server 18.04

I downloaded archive from ( ) and by instruction placed in unturned_data folder managed with original game (folder was empty at first)

When i launched file, i tested server, and he worked

Then, i thought that hackers will come and i need to place plugin (there are plugins for 2.2.5 i checked one day on windows) and downloaded archive from here - ( ) there was files assemblycsharp.dll, modloader.dll, Admincommands.dll. first two files i put in folder “managed” and launched server. After that in folder “managed” appeared folder “mods”. In it was another folder “server mods”. I put there plugin admincommands.dll . i did so on windows before, and everything worked.

I launched server, but when i write commands like /online /time and other, simply nothing sent in chat. In folder “mods” like it must be, appeared folder Admincommands, in it was plugin configuration, but it was different, not like i downloaded on windows (i downloaded from other website). I dont know what to do and where should i find mistakes, or working plugins. Im waiting for help as soon as possible.
Thank you

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