How about change of seasons? Like Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But obviously some maps dont have other seasons, tropical countries don’t have winters while those on the on the north doesn’t really have a hot summer.


AFAIK it is already planned


Instead of not having certain seasons, I think it would be better to modify the characteristics of the seasons. i.e. Alaska would still have all four seasons, but there would significant chances of snow and cold weather in three of them.

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Oh man great idea!

Actually that’s bot so hard, but takes a lot of time to do, I even have something similar, but it need some adjust. It changes the temperature of the world, the sun intensity and the sun position right now, nothing relationed with vegetation yet. I think somrthing like that would be great for unturned.

I was having this very same idea.

Don’t Starve Together intensifies!!

However, seasons in Unturned II shouldn’t change as fast as in the forementioned game. Maybe those could last e.g. from 50 up to 90 in-game days.

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