Seasons as of (feedback thread)

I know that the demo was mostly made for testing driving, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about the other big aspect featured which is seasons, so I made this little video that shows in real time how seasons change as of now, use it as base for feedback.

Obviously the speed is gonna be tweaked to fit a more reasonnable time frame, but here’s what I think should be tweaked:

  1. Snow should start up as patches that progressively get thicker than other bits.
  2. At the midway point of winter, snow should be at it’s highest and thickest, thick enough to the point that it would be higher than a prone player. Snow displacement should show snow, not grass.
  3. Grass should naturally be “displaced” in autumn

(4. Each blade of grass should have slight differences in color, to not have the ground look plain even on high graphics)


On top of this, I don’t think grass should be able to be completely disabled, as it will make gillie everything useless as it did in 3.0


It would be even more useless, as in low settings the grass is a single flat color.


There is no grass on low settings xD

I’m not sure what you’re suggesting, as snow displacement has worked fine for me ever since its addition to the Vehicle Demo.

I ment to say that it should show snow underneath, not grass.

It would be quite interesting if Nelson were to add the possibility to hide in the snow, (with snow ghillie?) same way you would be able to hide in grass with normal ghillie.

So your saying the snow should looked smashed down, not melted away.

Coniferous should stay green except at winter .
Grass might not change color or at least not as much except if there are trees around .

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