Seasons in Unturned 4.x

But now i need this on Unturned!

Mind elaborating how it works? Like is each world’s seasons in sync with everyone else? Elaborate on the mechanics maybe.

Maybe this could work similarly to how Rimworld does it? Like every fifteen days is a season, and there’s four seasons, so 60 days would be an ingame “year”.

Could even possibly affect farming in a way, like you’d have to plant your crops in the spring, and harvest them in the summer before the winter destroys them all.


Seasons should not be a global thing, it should vary server to server

4 Main seasons, summer/winter/autumn/spring

in summers,stamina loss could be higher
in winters,blizzards chance increase,maybe snow on trees/ground etc.

in the rainy season(idk the name or whatever sorry) as expected, more rain which will lead to better farming,
in the fall season,trees start to become dry,drop lesser logs when cut and are cut significantly easier,depending on the tree height(model i.e ‘russia pine #1’ ‘russia pine #2’)

would love to see heatstrokes in summers,so you gotta keep hydrated and stay in cool areas and would love to see heavy thunderstorms in mid rainy seasons.

Overheating of generators and vehicles in the summers would be nice too but i fear it might make the game more complex and hard, maybe keep it for the higher difficulties?

Maybe add greenhouses that allow growing of plants in winter.

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I like the idea of just keeping seasons more aesthetic for the most part overall. Temperature and weather (climate in general) could be affected by it, but not too much else (at least, not until later in development). Wouldn’t want to have so much stacked on the to-do list off the get-go.

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I disagree, having nature like aspects, such as seasons, being more involved with the characters survival would be a cool addition to the game. It makes the game much harder and adds goals separate from killings zombies and fighting hunger/water. One such goal being a race against time: If it becomes winter and your running around naked or cant get a hold of a steady food supply then you will certainly die. Don’t Starve does this pretty well by throwing you in around Fall and giving you no tips on how to survive. Not a lot of games have a “seasons” mechanic that does anything other then change the look. We have plenty of games that completely avoid this by having procedural generated worlds with biomes (minecraft, 7DTD) or simply having one harsh climate, that’s difficult all on its own (Long Dark). I don’t think seasons would be hard to add to Unturned, just time consuming.

I feel like there has been plenty of survival games with a seasons mechanic but I’m drawing a blank on good examples other then Don’t Starve. Another thing, adding something like this to the To-Do list early in development wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing since there’s no promise of anything already in there being put in. It’s just a lot of spit balling and rough drafting. I can see how you might see the whole idea cumbersome but if 4.0 is suppose to be 3.0’s tougher cousin then more environmental elements can branch out the overall survival part for unturned.

I never said it wouldn’t be a cool addition, I said that having it affect more than just climate/temperature/weather/things-related-to-that-like-farming shouldn’t be a priority off the get-go.

I think seasons are cool.

I didn’t say this either. I said it shouldn’t be a hypothetical top-priority if it was going to be implemented at some point. People can suggest whatever they want to be on a to-do list. That’s not the same as when it comes to when stuff is actually being implemented.

Promising or stressing to add more than you can handle at once is cumbersome. I never said the feature was, I said Nelson shouldn’t put every major feature as a top-priority. If he did that, a lot of features wouldn’t be as polished.

Seasons are a major feature, but it is one of the very few major mechanics in games that can be based around other content, rather than content being added based on seasons. Seasons would have to be messed with before maps could be made, considering it would completely reinvent the concept of map creation. That does not mean every feature for the next eight continuous updates has to be stuff revolving around seasons, unlike with other mechanics. Generators do not have to be added right after the addition of seasons just so they can overheat in summer. The implied mechanics of seasons should come later, based on the other content that is added in general.

It’s also one of the very few features that can survive on its own without constant devotion, as long as it doesn’t break other features with the minor mechanics brought with it. It has aesthetic purpose and it has gameplay purpose.


Sorry man, I misunderstood your post. I mean that’s a given for even the simplest of features or mechanics he’s hoping to add. I really like the whole idea of seasons in general and I find it be one of my favorite mechanics to a games. Honestly though if he’s gonna translate and revise everything from 3.0 to 4.0 then now wouldn’t be a bad idea to give ideas on what you want to see in 4.0. I’m not talking about making seasons a top priority or even putting it up their with the revisions of current mechanics, Just putting something with an aesthetic and temperature function when ideas like “seasons” get worked on. Then they can be enhanced to add that extra difficulty and I know that could be years away. :thinking:

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It’s no problem’o; it was a good segway into into other things.

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Yeah, I kinda agree with Molton,

Lets keep the seasons simple in the start, the basic summer and winter deal with the only differences being climate/weather. This should be enough to set a nice atmospheric feel maybe(?) thus Nelson could work on other stuff and then later in dev come back to this and advance it further with the latter above.

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