Security cameras

I think security cameras would be a great addition to unturned 2. You would need to place the camera on a wall and hook it up to a monitor using wires to get it to the work. Maybe there could be different types of cameras (low-quality, high-quality, thermal, wireless, bulletproof, etc)

This would be very useful to know what and who is outside of your base


I don’t wanna burst your bubble
I mean you might be happy

But it’s already a workshop mod

This suggestion is for Unturned II, not 3.0


I like it. But it will require a whole lot more from the server.

eh, not really
It’ll probably require a bit more gpu power from the client, though.

not really, just send the draworder to the client instead of rendering it on the server and then sending it to the client

Ohh Clientside Nice. I was thinking serverside to avoid hackers who could “just” change the position of the camera.

I don’t think there is a workshop in unturned 2 that could create this

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