"Semi(?) Sear" attachment

(Changed title to be possibly imply more general-ness for the suggestion.)

Let us quickly forget all known laws of avi-- logic, and proceed.

Semi Sear as a new Tactical Attachment. Ranged weapons that have the Semi Sear equipped will be able to use the “Semi” firing mode for as long as it is equipped to the gun. With the current content of Unturned 3, it would be relatively gimmicky and not as useful, to be fair, as some alternatives.

However, people who complain about machine guns only having an auto firing mode might like this? Admittedly , this is just a rougher version of some older idea in some old lists in limbo adapted for Unturned 3 with no substantial though into it, but it’d be interesting to see.

(It’d also be a way to help out people that end up shooting 5 shots at once in a single click of Auto because of reasons.)

The following weapons do not have Semi (and can take Tactical Attachments):

  • Devil’s Bane
  • Dragonfang
  • Hell’s Fury
  • Nykorev

Realistically, new values would have to be added to allow for this to be a thing:

Allow attachments to modify firing modes.
Allow attachments to only function on specific Actions. The Semi Sear should only work on Trigger Action ranged weapons (so no Hell’s Fury).

Because it’s not that useful in the long run (in my concept, at least), I don’t think it should be affected by durability (or limited by x amount of shots) in any way.

You may now remember logic. Quick note: I’ve scrapped a lot of concepts relating to Burst / Auto Sears in the past because they’d be pretty annoying. Having them nerfed via, say, being destroyed after 120 shots just makes it seem like a short power-up. Then, for when victims come across someone with it, you’d have no way of knowing what was going on and why there normally Semi firing mode only weapon suddenly shoots a Burst or full Auto.


With all due respect, this seems kind of pointless and i don’t see why you would use this over adaptive chambering in… any of the examples listed.

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Molt gives lazy quote replies below.

Yes, Adaptive Chambering would likely still be better because Auto is by far the best firing mode to have. If it was meant to actually be viable, change it to also give a boost to RPS, but only to Semi (or for custom content, the specified firing modes).

Without any additional ideas thrown in, it’d be about as useful as the Rangefinder is on a gun. With the additional buff to Semi’s firerate, it’d still be about as useful as the Rangefinder is. Could just nerf both to degrade when shooting, and then make the sear only degrade when using Semi, or switch the entire concept to a “Burst Sear” and keep the aforementioned firerate boost, but then it enters a more wacky world of stuff.

Main problem stems from firing modes not being unique enough to warrant using x if you also have y on the weapon.

Could scrap the original concept(s) in favor of having it designed for bolt-action weapons. Boost RPS of Semi (exclusively), and make hammering weapons faster (whether it’s because of bolt-action or because of reloading and you have to eject the last shell since you fired every shot in the previous magazine).

That would move it from Blindfold levels of usage to still gimmicky levels, but potentially more useful on already Semi weapons, particularly something like the Ekho or Timberwolf. Adaptive Chambering would be used for other weapons with Burst or Auto.


I’m all for buffing semi mode. Is it still bugged to where there’s a firing delay?

I’d be fine with having semi having additional advantages. Maybe more accuracy/less recoil?

Yeah. But i don’t see why you’d want to use semi-auto on a dragonfang or nykorev. Interesting idea still.

I’d prefer just to have bolt actions do more damage, but this would be interesting as well.

Right. But no, having it work on the timber/ekho would be interesting, but you’d have to balance it somehow.

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